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Sangavi is an unique bridal artist, which makes you to feel like pretty than ever. With
the creative touch of our makeup artists and beauty accessory
to bring out the best in you.


Sangavi Bridal Artist

Your one stop solution for a Bridal Makeup - Sangavi !

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Sangavi Features


The ultimate insider experience you can enjoy in any makeup session every day. Sit one-on-one
with our experts and have your makeup professionally applied , as you like it.

Bridal Makeup


Eyebrows Threading

Mehandi Art

100% Hair Cut & Nail Cut

Bleaching & Colouring


Flowers Garlands

Welcome to Sangavi Bridal Makeup

Experience the Art of Caring

We will provide best of our services,

so you will feel like pretty than ever. We offer various kind of services like

Bridal Makeup, Facials, Mahendi Art, Eyebrows Threading, Haircut, Nail Art etc.

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Areas we are expertised in

Sangavi - A definitive bridal collection

Sangavi is a very famous bridal artist who always keeps the mood of her customers high by introducing new makeup collections and with every makeup collection emits perfection in her work. She has always been better then what is expected of her.

  • Flower Garlands created from natural composition
  • 100% safe for your skin
  • Quality product from Sangavi
  • Special gifts & offers for you
  • Created by Artist Professionals of Sangavi

Meet Our Experts

The people of Sangavi wellness behind us
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Mrs. I.Rubana

Beauty Therapist 8 Years Experience